At Legistek we're not done once we release a product. The only way to make great legal technology software is to be active users of it. Thus, Legistek now offers post-discovery litigation technology services complimenting the Limine platform, covering you all the way up to and including trial.

Deposition Videography - Chicago Area


If you're taking a deposition in the Chicago area and want to make the best impression you can when that video gets played to the jury, Legistek has you covered. Our experienced videographers only use state of the art technology, including high definition cameras and multitrack audio recording, to make sure your videos look and sound great in the courtroom. See the difference for yourself.

Legistek-Produced Deposition Video

 Poor Quality Deposition Video

Delivered Directly into Your Limine Matter

Forget about managing stacks of DVDs that will sit on a shelf until trial. We can deliver the final transcript, sync files, and video directly into your hosted Limine matter, where you can immediately start reviewing and designating testimony, for no extra fee. Don't have an on-premise installation of LImine yet? No problem - we'll set one up for you through Aquipt for the duration of your case, with discounted or waived software licensing fees. (Depending on the number of depositions. Terms and conditions apply). 

Schedule Your Next Videotaped Deposition with Legistek

Just contact us to schedule your next deposition and let us know the date, time, and place. (Services are currently limited to the Chicagoland area). We'll work with your preferred court reporting agency or arrange for a court reporter for you. Or proceed with just a video record and order a transcription later if it's needed. 

Deposition Exhibit Syncing - Nationwide

For an even more compelling presentation, depositions exhibits can be synchronized to the video, which can be edited further and played back live in Limine, or exported to a standalone MP4 for use with any video player or presentation software. This service is offered at a discounted rate for Legistek-recorded depositions, but is available for all depositions and can be ordered at any time. 

Limine Training - Nationwide

Thinking of supporting a trial in-house but unsure if Limine really is as easy as we say it is? We'll prove it! Any Limine license purchase, no matter how small, entitles you to remote training (or in-person in the Chicago area) at a discounted rate for as many people you wish to attend. Our standard programs include:

  • Standard User Training (1 hour) - $250
    We'll cover all the basics of setting up a simple case file (matter) with documents and synchronized transcripts, and presenting it in court. After one hour, anyone with passable computer skills will be capable of putting on a courtroom presentation like a pro, guaranteed.
  • Advanced Training (2 hours) - $500
    In the advanced training course, we'll cover everything in the standard course, plus advanced administrative topics, such as:
    • Administering a multi-user hosted matter
    • Video transcript tuning
    • Fields and Field Builder
    • Permissions
    • E-Discovery Importing
    The Advanced Session can also be broken up into two sessions and scheduled to meet your needs.

Additional training on any topic is also available at any time. Plus, Limine Enterprise licenses always include free infrastructure, admin, and user training tailored to your practice and the size of their deployment.

Pretrial and Trial Support - Nationwide

Being attorneys ourselves, we understand that the road to trial is arduous, and usually the last thing a litigator wants to be worrying about as trial approaches is technology.

Besides partnering with an outstanding network of trial technology consultants, we also accept referrals and offer consulting services directly to Limine customers. Usually we will find a trial technology professional to suit your case's needs, and work with them to deploy a hosted Limine environment (if you don't already have one) for pretrial preparation. We also accept direct engagements to assist in the courtroom on a case-by-case basis.