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Prepare Your Witness More Easily Than Ever

During witness preparation, access your case materials from a tablet and say goodbye to the boxes of paper.

Take The Reins in a Hearing or Arbitration

When running Limine on a tablet or touchscreen laptop, you can use its simple, intuitive touch commands to take complete control of your presentation. Want to pull up your evidence wirelessly from a tablet? Speak authoritatively from behind a touchscreen podium? Limine can make it happen!

Download Your Case Materials for Trial

Whenever you need to present your case in a formal setting, transferring your Limine case file to a presentation device is as simple as copying your case folder in Windows. Never worry about a broken link again!

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Give your Trial Tech the Best Experience They've Ever Had

For larger cases, a dedicated trial support professional can drive your presentation from a "hot seat," pulling up any exhibit with a just few keystrokes using Limine's QuickView, and controlling exactly what's displayed to the audience using customizable keyboard shortcuts. Limine's powerful database engine allows experienced support professionals to instantly pull up any document based on any metadata field, even with hundreds of thousands of exhibits.

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Dazzle Your Audience at Every Stage of the Case

Presentations from Limine are always fluid and beautiful. Limine uses the same DirectX technology employed in modern video games, so you can impress your clients—and opponents—with smooth, professional-looking presentations that can be prepared in advance, improvised in real time, or some combination of both. Limine empowers you to make visually compelling arguments like never before.

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