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Import Virtually Anything

Whether you want to import a few PDFs, synchronized deposition videos, or your entire e-discovery database with all its metadata, Limine has you covered. Nearly every major document, audio, and video format is supported—including PSTs and e-mail files—and importing them is as simple as dragging and dropping.

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Organize, Sort, and Search

Limine makes it easy to organize your exhibits however you want using customizable work folders. Folders can be sorted by any data field or filtered to quickly locate a particular exhibit. You can also perform advanced searches on your entire case database using any combination of metadata fields, or even search your documents based on their extracted text.

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Label, Brand, and Redact

Limine turns the nightmare of labeling and stamping documents into a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can automatically apply dynamic labels to all your exhibits, or add branding such as Bates stamping. If you need to add redactions, it's as simple as clicking and dragging. When you're finished, export your updated documents to PDF or present them directly from Limine.

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Manage Metadata

Whether you're working with Limine's numerous built-in data fields, or your own custom ones, editing metadata is easy in Limine's tabular Details View. Your exhibits can have as many custom fields as you need, and you can even save metadata at the page-level. More advanced users can import exhibit data from CSVs or perform bulk edits using Limine's powerful Field Builder tool.

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Prepare Synchronized Deposition Videos

Limine's groundbreaking deposition transcript manager allows you to create "lists" of line designations, either manually or imported from the natural text notation commonly used by attorneys. You can instantly add or remove lines from your designations whenever you want—even seconds before playback to the jury! For a truly breathtaking presentation, cue up evidence and markup to automatically appear onscreen during playback.

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Create New Content

Limine gives you all the markup tools you need to prepare a winning presentation. Highlight, call out, or draw on documents, save your markups, and recall them at a moment's notice. Arrange any number of documents, save the view as a snapshot, and recall it later to pick up exactly where you left off. For structured presentations like opening statements, you can even organize marked up exhibits to appear in sequence, and use a presentation clicker to advance through them as a slide show.

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