Limine for Litigation Support Professionals

Take the Hassle out of Trial Preparation

Whether you provide in-house support or outside consulting, Limine has a number of advanced features designed with litigation support in mind. Everything from organizing your evidence to collaborating with your team is optimized to make your work as efficient as possible.

  • Flexible Metadata Management. Limine supports e-discovery load files, so you can import all your metadata directly from your database. If you need to make quick edits, you can export all data to CSV, update it, and re-import it. Alternately, you can use Limine's Field Builder to systematically add or edit metadata fields with just a few clicks, including page-level operations like adding Bates numbers.
  • Groundbreaking Deposition Editing Controls. Whether you want to quickly designate numerous lines from a text file, create or edit impeachment clips, or cue exhibits to automatically appear on certain lines, Limine gives you the tools you need. Unlike legacy presentation tools, Limine doesn't require you to create separate videos for each designation clip; you can instead simply create designation lists corresponding to each clip you need. If you suddenly need to remove a few lines that aren't admitted, you client can make the change in seconds, without having to create new clips from scratch. Adjusting a line's start or end time is as easy as dragging a slider.
  • Real-Time Collaboration. Limine allows you to prepare evidence collaboratively with the rest of the case team. You can place the case file on a network drive or SQL server to allow any number of users to work simultaneously.
  • All the Power of Windows. Limine is designed exclusively for devices running Microsoft Windows, so your trial team can use it from a tablet without fear of slow response times and random crashes. Alternately, set it up on a large-screen touch podium to give your team a presentation experience unlike any they've ever had. There's no limit to the possibilities.
  • Support for the Highest Quality Displays. If you're finally ready to toss that VGA projector you've had since the mid-1990s, Limine is the software for you. HD displays1080p, 1440p, and even the newest UltraHD 4K devices—bring evidence to life when connected to a high-performance PC running Limine. Tell your videographer to film that next deposition in HD, too.

Become a Limine Reseller Partner

Outside consultants can also offer Limine to their clients by becoming a Limine reseller partner. Resellers can offer Limine on a per-case basis, giving the entire trial team access to the software for a low price that can be billed to the case budget. Whether you're an e-Discovery vendor looking for a way to support your clients after document production, or a trial support technologist looking for a more collaborative way to prepare for presentations, becoming a Limine partner allows you to empower your clients like never before.

For more information about Limine's reseller partnership program, please contact us. Or to try it now, download a free 30-day trial.