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Legistek is not just a legal software company. Legistek is a legal solutions company. Our product, Limine, is an integrated evidence organization and presentation platform that at last bridges the gap between e-discovery and presentation, supporting case teams all the way through trial and even beyond.

Limine maximizes the persuasive power of evidence at every stage of litigation after document discovery is complete. One you've imported your production documents (including metadata, native files, and extracted text), you can sort, organize, and search exhibits; automatically apply realistic exhibit stickers and supplemental brandings; export labeled, branded, and redacted PDFs; manage and edit videotaped depositions; create and maintain exhibit lists; and present evidence anywhere a TV or projector is available, from high-level review meetings with partners or clients, to depositions, witness preparation, hearings, arbitration, mediation, and of course, at the most important of all legal presentation events - the jury trial. 

Limine is simple enough for an attorney who just wants to load a few PDFs and present them from a tablet. But it's also powerful enough to meet the needs of world-class litigation service providers and their clients, with advanced load file import and field mapping functions, unmatched bulk metadata and field value editing, state-of-the-art security, a vast array of deployment options including cloud-hosted configurations via Citrix, and full support for the latest and greatest computing platforms - including Windows 10 and compatible touchscreen devices. 

For virtually any post-production need, any style of workflow, and any experience level, legal presentation begins in Limine.

Who We Are

We are you. Two of us are licensed attorneys. One of us has tried cases. All of us love the law, and all of us love technology. However, we also believe technology should adapt to legal practice and not the other way around, which is why we joined this venture.

Peter Moore

Co-Founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer

Peter is the leader of Legistek and the creator of Limine. Peter has been practicing in Chicago as a trial attorney for over 10 years, all the while maintaining his passion as a computer programmer and enthusiast. When Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface brought the full power of modern PCs to the mobile touchscreen arena, Peter jumped at the chance to finally build the legal presentation platform he’d always wanted to use in his practice.

Will Williford

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Will joined Legistek after seeing the incredible value that Limine can provide to litigators, and recognizing the need for an infrastructure that can get the product into their hands as easily and painlessly as possible. Will, a graduate from the Kellogg School of Management, comes from the management consulting industry, having specialized in software implementation and operation. He is passionate about building efficient systems and is excited to channel that passion into giving lawyers the best presentation experience they can have.

John Capone

VP of Support

John serves as the support manager for Legistek Corporation. He has been a practicing attorney in Chicago since 2004, focusing on commercial litigation and modern e‐discovery technology and practices.

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