Legistek is thrilled to announce the next realization of Limine, a cloud based application for web and desktop that promises to redefine the deposition, trial preparation, and trial presentation workflows. Developed together with Epiq – the global leader in legal technology services and software – the new Limine offers a single online platform for lawyers, paralegals, and support professionals to organize and analyze e-discovery documents, collaborate on deposition and trial preparation, and ultimately carry their cases to victory in the courtroom or arbitration room.

Limine will be offered both as an integrated web and desktop application suite for on-premise hosting by law firms, and as a standalone application. Whether supporting a litigation matter in-house or working with a professional consultant, users will benefit from a seamless, streamlined experience throughout the entire lifecycle of the case, from the collection of the first document, to delivery of the first deposition transcript, and all the way through trial.

With Limine the EDRM spectrum is at last complete.

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