Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some answers to common questions relating to Limine. If you can't find your answer here, please contact us directly. If you're looking for information on the original desktop version, click here.

Who is Limine available to?

The hosted version of Limine (i.e. the web app and server software) is initially being offered exclusively for direct licensing to legal practices for self-hosted use (either on-premise servers or on the customer’s own cloud account).

As before, standalone licenses for the Limine desktop application will remain available to all customers. Standalone licensees will also be able to access any Limine matter – through the web or desktop software – with the authorization of the party hosting the Matter.

Does Legistek offer data hosting services for Limine?

Limine is primarily licensed for on-premises hosting by law firms and other legal practices. However, Legistek has partnered with Aquipt, the leading trial technology and IT resource for lawyers, to obtain special pricing for Limine licensees on hosted infrastructure services and maintenance through the MatterPoint private cloud platform. Customers can deploy Limine to their own dedicated cloud-based server environment for a single matter or their entire caseload, and be up and running in a matter of days. Please contact us to find out more.

Legistek also offers a number of post-discovery litigation support services, including deposition videography, trial preparation and courtroom presentation. In such cases data hosting may be available through Legistek or third parties. Please contact us for more information..

Can third-party litigation support companies license Limine and offer it to their own customers?

Not at this time. However, support professionals are welcome and encouraged to purchase standalone copies of Limine for their own use in supporting clients through depositions and trials.Moreover, we frequently work with consultants to develop tailored solutions for their clients and offer training to those consultants to support their Limine matters. 

A formal certification program for trial support professionals is currently in development, which will train consultants on the most advanced features of the platform, maximizing their ability to collaborate with their clients in preparing for and presenting at trial.

When will the new Limine be available?

The Web Application, used for case preparation and pretrial collaboration, is available now! The updated Desktop Application (the successor to Limine 1.x), suitable for offline use and courtroom presentation has been deployed to beta testers and early adopters, and is expected to be generally available before the end of 2019.

What kinds of Limine subscriptions are offered and how will the different subscriptions be priced?

Most customers will have a choice between two types of license subscriptions:

  • A Limine Enterprise Subscription provides access to the entire Limine platform, which includes the Web Application hosted on the customer’s own servers or cloud account, and a fixed number of user licenses for the standalone Desktop Application.

    Enterprise Subscriptions are priced based on the number of servers (CPU cores) on which the relevant server application software is deployed, with no per-user fees. This enables organizations to pay a price that scales with their usage needs without having to be overly conscious about who the software is made available to.

  • A Limine Standard Subscription will give the purchaser a single user license to the standalone Limine Desktop Application, for a flat yearly per-user subscription fee, as in the original version of Limine. With the Desktop Client, standard licensees can create and manage Limine Matters locally, and are able to access online Limine Matters hosted with Enterprise subscribers (with the host’s permission, of course), but cannot create or host their own online Matters.

So I will still be able to buy and use Limine as a standalone trial presentation application without needing my own server or even Internet access?

Yes, a Limine Standard Subscription will remain available for individual purchasers, and the Desktop Application does not require a server or constant Internet access. However any organization purchasing more than a handful of Standard Subscriptions will generally find it more cost-effective to purchase an Enterprise Subscription so that the software can be deployed to and used collaboratively by all users within the organization.

If I purchase an Enterprise Subscription, will I be able to let third parties (such as my clients) use the system and can I charge them for access?

Enterprise Subscribers may, with certain restrictions, allow third parties to access Limine Matters hosted on their systems without additional cost. For example, subscribers can create Limine accounts for and give access to their clients, co-counsel, witnesses in their case, trial consultants, etc.

However, Enterprise Subscribers are not permitted to charge third parties for access to their hosted Matters under any circumstances (i.e. they may not act like a reseller/vendor). In addition, giving third parties access to a Matter requires that the Enterprise Subscriber hosting the Matter be acting as either lawyer or client in connection with the Matter being hosted, and not merely acting as a litigation technology provider who is neither giving nor receiving legal services.

To be clear, can the Desktop Application (regardless of subscription type) actually be used to access Matters that are being hosted online? How does that work?

Yes! The new Limine operates like many popular modern applications that can be accessed either through a web browser or via a downloadable native application. The new Desktop Application can be used for offline work on local Limine Matters, and with an Internet connection can directly access hosted Limine Matters in real time; there is no need to download documents from the website and re-import them into a different tool. Web Application and Desktop Application users can work side by side in the same Matter at the same time, with their respective work being immediately visible to each other. For most functions, the two applications can be used interchangeably and the choice is just a matter of preference. The most notable exception is offline use cases—such as formal evidence presentation in trial or hearings—which the Desktop Application is specifically tailored to support.

Is the current version of Limine still available? Will I be able to upgrade if I buy a license now?

Yes and yes—Limine 1.3 is still available and in active use by many litigators. All existing Limine customers will be eligible to upgrade to a Standard Subscription of the new version as soon as the new Desktop Application is generally available, free of charge, for the duration of their original license term. We will also be offering an upgrade path to an Enterprise Subscription for existing Limine customers.

What are the server hardware and software requirements for hosting with an Enterprise Subscription?

This depends on the scale of the deployment, but the minimum entry-level requirements, which should generally suffice for up to 10 active (non-concurrent) users, are a single server blade or VM with the following specifications:

  • Dual-Core Intel CPU (Xeon or Core)
  • 8 GB of RAM (16 recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or later
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Edition or better (Standard Edition or better is required if individual Matters are expected to exceed approx. 200,000 documents in size)
  • At least 200 GB of available hard drive space for databases and files, or at least 1 TB if video content is expected

All Limine server software is stateless, and individual system components can be spread across multiple blades or virtual machines; hardware requirements scale relatively linearly with usage. For example, very large deployments (those with over 1,000 active users) will require 2 or more load balanced web servers, 2 or more load balanced content (file and API) servers, and 2 or more SQL instances.

I’m a solo/small firm without a dedicated IT department and have never installed a system like this before. What kind of support services are available?

The MatterPoint private cloud platform by Aquipt is an excellent choice to host Limine for all firms but particularly firms without any existing IT infrastructure. We and Aquipt will work together to build your cloud environment, install the Limine, and address any IT or software support needs. You will also have complete admin-level access to your environment and can take over any aspect of support in-house any time you wish.

We are also working on a turnkey product tailored specifically to small legal practices that we expect to deploy by the end of 2019, so stay tuned.