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Store your Case Materials Securely

Whether your Limine case file is stored on a local device or remotely, confidential case materials can be protected with enterprise grade 256-bit AES encryption, making them accessible only to you and those you authorize. You can rest easy knowing they are shielded from hackers and third-party subpoenas.

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Connect the Entire Trial Team

Limine makes it easy for trial teams to work collaboratively within an enterprise or with third party consultants. Case materials can be stored on a private network drive or SQL server, allowing multiple users to work in the database concurrently. Litigation support professionals can prepare case materials remotely, while the rest of the team always has access to the most current version of the case file.

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Share Evidence with Other Parties

For more traditional sharing of your Limine case materials with other parties, such as opposing counsel or the Court, you can quickly and easily bulk export any subset of your documents to PDF, complete with any labels, branding, and redactions at any time. Video transcript designations can be exported as plain text, as an annotated PDF transcript, as standalone MP4 video clips, or even as CCS files to exchange designations with opponents using alternate presentation platforms.

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Coming Soon: Access your Data Anywhere, Anytime

The next generation of the Limine platform, Limine 2.0, will completely revolutionize the way case materials are managed and shared. Limine 2.0 supports cloud hosting of evidence for all Limine users, allowing case materials to be accessed from anywhere, shared flexibly using folder-level security permissions, and more!

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