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New Version 1.3 Offers a Unified E-Discovery and Evidence Presentation Platform Perfect for Attorneys and Support Professionals Alike

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In the short time Limine has been available to the public, it has already made its mark as a top-tier trial presentation platform for touchscreens and tablets. Lawyers and paralegals love Limine’s intuitive and user-friendly presentation interface and its amazingly crisp and dynamic visuals.

But we’ve only scratched the surface of what evidence presentation really means. For too long presentation has been seen as a niche function, relevant only to the tiny fraction of cases that go to trial. Yet presentation is so much more. It happens every day in evidence review meetings. In depositions and deposition prep. In briefs and hearings. And of course in trials and arbitrations. The EDRM spectrum doesn’t end with document production, but with presentation. And as of today, presentation begins in Limine.

We at Legistek are thrilled to announce Limine version 1.3, a major update that brings a host of e-discovery functionality and enterprise-grade database support to an already outstanding document presentation platform. The result: a single application that can support the entire litigation workflow post-document review and production, all the way through trial and beyond. Take a look.

A Presentation Tool for E-Discovery or an E-Discovery Tool for Presentation?    


Limine now takes over once documents have been processed, reviewed, and produced, giving litigators a simple and intuitive, yet powerful way to manage and ultimately present the most important evidence in the case. Nothing is lost in the transition from production to presentation; Limine makes it easy to import and retain 100% of the essential metadata that lets you find and understand the evidence that was produced by both sides. Advanced field searching helps you find documents quickly using any criteria you can devise, while dynamic search folders help you keep documents organized automatically.

Unprecedented Control over the Appearance of Documents

While any decent e-discovery tool can help you find a document, none gives lawyers the same level of control over the presentation of that document that Limine does. With Limine version 1.3, you can apply colorful exhibit stickers to documents, add extra margins, make redactions before depositions or trial, set custom brandings at the document or page level, and much more.

Effortlessly create PDFs – or even supplemental or replacement document productions – with your documents’ polished look. Or, launch the native file directly from Limine during a deposition or trial for files like spreadsheets, where single-page TIFFs just won’t suffice.

Introducing “Field Builder” – The Last Field Value Populator You Will Ever Need

The transition from e-discovery to depositions and trial can often mean hundreds of hours wasted on repetitive tasks like renumbering exhibits, resolving conflicting sets of exhibit numbers, cleaning up brandings, and a plethora of other tedious tasks. Those late nights end here. With Limine’s new Field Builder, if you can imagine a way to automate a task, Limine can probably make it happen:
  • Create new field values with custom prefixes, suffixes, and/or auto-numbering sequences
  • Extract new fields from existing value (e.g., extract “Arthur 000005” as “BegDoc#” from “PX-001_Arthur 000005 – Arthur 00008.pdf”)
  • Copy, split, or combine fields using separators
  • Remove (or add) padded zeroes from exhibit or page IDs (e.g., “Arthur 000005” can become “A5” for easy recall during trial)
  • Bulk-edit existing field values
  • Renumber exhibits and pages to eliminate sequence gaps
  • Specify a field (i.e., BegDoc#) as the starting value for an auto-numbering sequence

As always, all field data can also be exported to CSV and edited using Excel for those demanding ultimate flexibility.

Importing Documents Has Never Been Easier – Also Processing?

Importing standalone or unprocessed documents into Limine is easier than ever. PDFs can now be dragged right into a Limine case file folder, while PDF imports have been sped up 100 fold.

But unprecedented in a presentation tool, Limine now features a lightweight e-discovery processing engine that can import virtually any Office document, and even PSTs and ZIP files, extract all the relevant metadata, and make documents that are ready for presentation or review and production in minutes. While for most cases it won't replace the leading processing and analytic review platforms as your primary e-discovery tool, when a few dozen documents need to be processed, redacted, Bates stamped, and produced in an hour on a Friday night and you're the only one left in the office, Limine can come to the rescue.

Expanded Multimedia Format Support and Features

It’s not just e-discovery professionals who will find something to love about the new Limine. Trial lawyers and trial support professionals will appreciate Limine’s tremendously expanded support for common multimedia file formats like MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 and many more, both for synchronized deposition videos as well as standalone video files.

Limine’s new precision tuner will also make trial support technicians feel right at home: deposition lines can be edited right down to the audio sample if need be, so you’ll never have to guess what the audience will hear in court.

Speaking of depositions, transcripts can now be exported from Limine to PDF in condensed or full-page format, with designations highlighted and labeled, so the previously excruciating process of making and exchanging deposition designations is now a breeze.

But Wait, There’s More!

Believe it or not, all that doesn’t even come close to the full range of improvements we’ve made to Limine in version 1.3. Here are a few more:
  • All Limine installations are now touchscreen and tablet-ready (if running Windows 8 or better with compatible hardware); a new full-screen “tablet mode” optimizes and simplifies the user interface for presenting from a touchscreen, while mouse and keyboard users have the full power of a Windows desktop application at their command
  • New support for Microsoft SQL Server enables organizations to deploy and use Limine in networked environments and expands the supported case file size to practically unlimited levels (subject to hardware quality and available network bandwidth, of course)
  • Limine deployments are now possible in a cloud-based environment for seamless remote access and collaboration
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now 100% customizable
  • Limine now has native support for modern 64-bit processors (32-bit will remain as an available option for users who require it)

So now you’re going to make me pay a ton to upgrade, right?

Nope. All existing Limine users – both yearly subscribers and project-based licensees – will be able to upgrade to 1.3 immediately upon release at no additional charge.

The single-user yearly subscription license will remain at an unbelievable $499 per user per year, but this introductory pricing won’t last long. As always, substantial discounts are available to organizations purchasing 5 or more licenses, especially those opting for enterprise-wide deployment. Alternatively, client-billable team-based licensing will be available too, with details to be announced soon.

When and How to Get It

While we are putting the final touches on this new release and finalizing the documentation, Limine 1.3 is being made available for public preview right now. All lawyers and litigation support professionals are eligible to participate. Comments, criticisms, bug reports, and questions are always most welcome.

Current Limine customers and preview users will automatically receive a download link for this release candidate of the new Limine, and can install the new version on their machines without having to uninstall any previous versions.

Let us know what you think, and thanks for your support!

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