Limine and Trial Techs: Can it Replace Your Current Hot Seating Tool?

A common question we receive from professional trial support consultants is whether Limine can or should replace their existing PC-based presentation software. The answer to that question is different for different types of cases and workflows. Originally, Limine was conceived of for the kind of case profile for which hiring outside technical support was not a viable or desired option. Hands down, we believe Limine to be the superior choice for lawyers trying lower-budget cases looking for the same technological advantages enjoyed by their often better-funded opponents, or for any lawyer or paralegal simply looking for an intuitive presentation suite they can learn quickly and use themselves.

However, as the product evolved and the needs of the legal community became more clear to us, it likewise became clear that Limine could serve an emerging yet crucial unmet need in another type of case profile – one where outside support is desired (or even essential!) but where the lawyers still want a more hands-on role in presenting in court. Here Limine arguably shines brightest, because these attorneys and their support technicians need not sacrifice any of the raw power they could enjoy using other tools, yet gain an elegant touchscreen interface that leaves no mistake among the jurors or opposing counsel who is trying the case. Technicians can add immense value even in these cases by, for example, mirroring the attorney’s screen from their own device, calling up documents while still letting the lawyer add the markups or confront witnesses up close and personal with a tablet. This is also to say nothing of the key role techs can play in preparing a case database based on well-established EDRM best practices – something most trial presentation suites barely address - and choreographing dynamic evidence-rich deposition video presentations unlike anything the industry has seen.

We recognize not all big cases fit this profile, and so many experienced technicians will no doubt wish to keep their favorite legacy tool(s) for cases where a pure hot seat paradigm makes more sense, while still being able to resell and support Limine – at no upfront cost! – for clients who do wish to use it.  

Finally, for experienced technicians who are looking for a complete replacement for other tools to continue hot seating from exclusively, we won’t lie to you: you will find Limine very different from what you've been trained on, and may not like it at first. There’s virtually always a highly efficient way to accomplish the tasks you're accustomed to, but it may not be obvious if you’re used to other tools (this is especially true if you’re not familiar with e-discovery standards and practices, such as field mapping). But, the fact is Limine has a great number of novel features that technicians will find immensely useful, even in a hot seating situation. In the coming weeks we will be releasing a series of videos designed specifically for support consultants demonstrating some of Limine's most sophisticated workflow-related features, so you can see firsthand what we mean. 

Either way, it’s your reputation on the line as much as it is ours, so ultimately it’s up to you to choose the right tool for the job. That’s why we give you at least 30 days completely free to try out the product, and will happily extend that on a case by case basis when necessary to give you a complete picture of what our software can do. If after those 30 days you decide you prefer the other tools, great! We know there are plenty of good options out there for hot-seating, and while we will always consider thoughtful feedback, we didn’t set out to make yet another iteration of well-established technology. What we did set out to do is entirely change the way both lawyers and technicians think about evidence presentation. When you’re ready to hop on this train, we’d love to have you.

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January 21, 2016

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