Legistek is delighted to announce the next realization of Limine, a cloud based application for web and desktop that promises to redefine the deposition, trial preparation, and trial presentation workflows. Developed together with Epiq – the global leader in legal technology services and software – the new Limine offers a single online platform for lawyers, paralegals, and support professionals to organize and analyze e-discovery documents, collaborate on deposition and trial preparation, and ultimately carry their cases to victory in the courtroom or arbitration room.

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Welcome to Life after E-Discovery

The new Limine is the perfect tool for managing evidence after production all the way up to—and including—trial. With Limine, litigators, paralegals, and support professionals can collaboratively organize, search, and present e-Discovery content online or offline, all from a single platform. 

  • Apply page numbers, exhibit labels, and brandings to documents and export them to PDF.

  • Organize work product by tagging, annotating, and linking to other documents or selections in your database.

  • Perform lightweight processing and issue supplemental productions.

  • Manage synchronized deposition transcripts effortlessly: add or remove line designations with a single click, and cue up evidence to display automatically during playback.

  • Present directly from a discovery database in depositions, hearings, and trial.

  • Assign customizable user roles and teams to regulate access to content.

  • Access a case from anywhere over the web, or download it to Limine's desktop client for offline work and then synchronize the changes when back online.

  • Prepare for trial securely and collaboratively with clients, colleagues, consultants, witnesses, and even opponents.


When it comes to managing your evidence after e-discovery, Limine gives you all the tools you need, all in one place. From stamping and labeling exhibits to editing deposition videos to advanced searching to managing metadata, Limine has you covered.


With Limine, you can work cooperatively with anyone you want. Host your case on a secure cloud, share materials with other parties, and use Limine's flexible user- and team-level permissions to control access to specific content.


Whether in depositions, witness prep, hearings, arbitrations, or jury trials, Limine is redefining legal presentation. It's simple enough for anyone to learn, but powerful enough for even the largest cases.