Redefines Life After E-Discovery

One Platform for Litigation


Limine allows a multi-user team to review case documents, apply notes and tags, and edit metadata—working from anywhere—hosted on-premises, on a private cloud, or by Legistek, with best-in-class security controls. Document productions can be imported easily. Litigation-specific file types, including linked video transcripts, are fully supported.


Need to prepare an exhibit binder with its own pagination, while still maintaining the integrity of your originals? Limine makes that easy. Got five minutes to design and apply new exhibit labels? With Limine , you can do it in three. Need to lead a deponent through a complex set of documents and transcripts? Limine removes document management busywork, leaving you with evidence management. Looking to set up different levels of visibility, editability, and auditability for different team members—or even for different documents? Limine's access controls can be applied by user, by folder, or by file.


Limine is the only case preparation and evidence management tool that also handles presentation. In fact, Limine's user interface was designed with presentation in mind. Use Limine's desktop version to access the same case file you've prepared using the browser version and display the same markups—or create new highlights and callouts instantly.

One Platform for Litigation

  • Linked Video Transcripts—Apply Designations, Set Up Tags, Export Video Files

  • Powerful Search Options—Combine Filters and Boolean Search Strings

  • Internal Citations—Establish Automatically, Edit Easily

  • Simplify Your Stack—Eliminate All Systems After E-Discovery